Types of Commercial Paint Colors & Finishes for the Exterior of your Houston Texas Business

All business owners desire to make the best first impression possible. Driving the right car, wearing the nicest suit and having a firm handshake are all great ways to make a positive first impression on your potential clients. The way your business looks is no different; having an attractive office building will leave a positive impression on anyone who visits. A clean parking lot and tidy landscaping will go a long way in making your office building look professional. Many business owners overlook one large aspect of their building that can make the biggest impression, and that is the color scheme. While bright fun colors may be suitable in some areas, if your building resides in a more executive office area, those colors may look inappropriate.

Commercial Exterior Paint Colors

When considering what colors to paint your office building, there are a few important points to consider. If you have a very large building, then you may want to go with a more neutral shade of color. A neutral color will more likely blend in with the building’s surroundings and will compliment the signage or business logo that sits on the outside of your office building. Painting your office doors a more bold color against the neutral color scheme of the building will also give your business a more attractive look.

Types of Exterior Paint Finishes

Before deciding on a paint for your office building, be sure to know what type of paint to purchase. If your building is made out of concrete, then it will require a different type of paint than if you were painting on a building that was mostly constructed from wood. Wood requires different paint than concrete and different paint from stucco to get complete paint coverage on your office building. In addition to the paint you choose, make sure you are choosing color schemes that are suitable for the type of architecture your building has.

Professional Color Consultants & Painting Contractors in Houston TX

Be aware of the surroundings of your office building, the size of the lot it sits on and the type of landscape that it is surrounded by. If your building sits on a smaller sized lot, then painting your office building a darker color will keep it from looking over-sized. Choose colors that will compliment your surroundings and make your office building look as attractive as possible. Be sure to choose the appropriate colors for the type of business you are in, for instance, a law firm should choose more neutral colors for the exterior of the building, while an ice cream shop would be better suited for brighter colors that pop. For a professional color consultation and paint job that will have your business leaving the best first impression possible, contact First Choice Painting Services today.

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