Interior Paint Types for Houston Texas Homes: Oil Vs Latex Vs Low or No VOC Paints

Are you considering a fresh updated look for the walls in your home? Change can be overwhelming; choosing paint colors and finishes, the correct tools, making sure that your walls are properly prepared … the list is endless. Don’t be discouraged though; help is just a phone call away. The professionals at First Choice Painting Services have been servicing the Greater Houston area for 20 years with the very best custom residential and commercial painting and remodeling services available. Do you have questions about using oil or latex paint for your painting project? Or one of the newer products on the market that are environmentally friendly? At First Choice Painting Services we only use premium quality paint and materials to ensure long lasting finishes and we never leave a job without ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with the service provided!

The highly skilled artisans at First Choice Painting Serviceshave prepared the following list of advantages and disadvantages for using oil-based, latex and environmentally beneficial low or no-VOC paints.

Oil Based Paint

• Goes on smooth
• Covers in one coat
• Works extremely well in high traffic areas

• Is more likely to crack, fade or yellow over time
• Strong fumes
• Requires solvents such as mineral spirits or turpentine to clean brushes and other equipment.

Oil based paints should never be poured down a drain. Check with your local waste management agencies for the nearest waste collection centers that accept left over paint and stains. Use a bath sink for minor cleanup as oil based paint can damage kitchen disposal units. Also, oil based paint contain chemicals so the experts at First Choice Painting Services recommend wearing gloves to minimize direct exposure to your skin.

Latex (Water-Based) Paint

• Color stays true, does not yellow over time
• Is safer for the environment
• Dries faster
• Easier clean up with soap and water

• Latex paint is water based so it can swell the grain of wood, sanding between coats is necessary for a clean finish.

Like oil based, latex paint also contains chemicals. The experts at First Choice Painting Services recommend wearing gloves to minimize direct exposure to your skin.

Low or No VOC Paints

Conventional paints have become less toxic over the years but many still release some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air in the form of a gas. VOC’s can cause problems such as eye and skin irritation and breathing difficulties, especially if you or your family members are prone to allergies or asthma. Green Paints that are low in or contain no VOCs have many benefits.

• Application is the same as conventional paints
• Virtually odor free
• Easy clean up with soap and water
• Cost is the same as conventional paints
• Easy to find and are available in a variety of colors
• Perfect for people who are chemically sensitive with breathing issues

Professional Painting Contractors in Houston TX

Some latex paints are safer and still commonly used, however they can still contain levels of VOCs, and levels can vary depending on the brand. Low or no VOC paint is a quality, cost effective painting option that is not only safe for you and your family, it is also safer for the environment. Contact the painting professionals at First Choice Painting Services today and ask to speak with a customer service professional about residential painting and all of your other painting needs. First Choice Painting Services is a full-service painting contractor and remodeler specializing in commercial and residential painting and renovations in the Greater Houston area.

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