Tips to Prepare your Houston TX Deck & Patio for Fall & Winter Time; DIY Vs Professional Deck Cleaning & Staining

Winter will soon be upon us, and it is time to prepare our homes for the colder months. The checklist to ensure all measures have been taken can be overwhelming. But today we will take the opportunity to help cross off one area from that list. The deck and patio goes often overlooked, and we don’t realize what kind of damage the winter months can do to it.

First Choice Painting Contractors have prepared a few tips to get your home ready for winter and help downsize that checklist.

– Before you begin, clear your patio or decking of all clutter, including BBQ grills, furniture, kids toys, plants, storage chests, etc.

– Sweep the entire area down thoroughly. Removing all debris, leaves, and dirt to prevent mold, mildew, algae or fungus from forming.

– Wash it down with soap and water. If the dirt and debris does not come off, a pressure washing is recommended. A professional from First Choice Painting can provide that service, and ensure your patio and deck is well cleaned. A professional can also guarantee your decking and patio’s surface from receiving damage.

– Inspect the entire deck and patio area; slats, handrails, railings, posts and floor boards. Look for any signs of wood rot, loose rails and warping. If nails or screws have become out of place, hammer down or re-screw them securely. If hardware sinks into soft wood, or any wood should split, it is best to get those areas replaced.

– Lightly sand the surface to remove the top layer of wood and reveal a revitalized surface. Sanding also allows deeper penetration of the sealant. Sanding will also remove any underlying dirt and debris.

– With a shop vac, vacuum the entire surface area to make sure the surface area is clean.

– Seal the deck with a water repellent. Surface should be clean and dry. Sealing your deck or patio is the most prudent step to take. It will keep freezing elements and thawing effects at bay.

Professional Deck Staining, Painting & Home Remodeling in Houston TX

If the above steps seem overwhelming or you don’t have the time, patience or knowledge; contact First Choice Painting Contractors to do your deck staining for you! If your deck and patio are well maintained and made ready for colder months, as well as warmer temperatures; the life of your patio and deck will be extended and can help avoid the need for a full replacement or safety hazards. If you need any expert advice, contact First Choice Painting Contractors to assist you.

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