The Personality Psychology of Paint Colors in Interior Design & Decorating your Houston Texas Home

When you are taking time to choose a color to paint the interior or exterior of your home you probably don’t think about what color would match your personality. There is a lot to say about the color you choose and what it says about you. Most of the time people will go with colors that will match the décor of their house or the décor they plan on buying but it may be a better idea to think about the personality of your family members and create a custom home just for them!

First Choice Painting Contactors has a list of what paint colors you choose might say about you!

Soft and Warm Shades: This will include colors such as light yellow, orange and even a peach or pink shade. If you have chosen these colors for your home, you probably have a welcoming personality and come across as cheerful and happy. When you use these colors in your home it will make the room feel inviting and bright.

Soft and Cool Shades: This will include colors that remind people of outside like a light blue, lavender and greens. It can represent nature like plants, water and trees. If you are using these colors in your home then you are more tranquil. The room will feel quieter and comes across less intense than other hues. Experts say that these color choices are even easier on the eyes which can have a calming effect. They also say that the blues in this section are usually chosen by people that are a little more of an introvert.

Jewel Tones: These color choices are much bolder and are shades of ruby, emerald, and sapphire. When someone wears this color they stand out from a crowd. The same goes for a room that is colored in these shades as well. These colors are for people who are outgoing, confident and creative. Most of the time people who are daring enough to choose these colors want to have inspiration while in their home. These colors can add some fun and texture to a room that may otherwise be boring. It is also a great way to hide any flaws in the walls and baseboards.

Neutral Shades: This colors will include gray, brown, beige and cream. These colors offer a nice crisp and classic look to your home. If you are going for these types of colors you are probably pretty neutral yourself. You are more practical and have a pretty even keeled personality. This is a great way to add color to your accessories and the ability to change them up more often while still look coordinated.

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Whether you are ready to choose a new color that will match your family’s personality or a color that matches your existing décor, call First Choice Painting Contractors today for a free estimate.

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