Tips on Converting & Finishing a Garage into Extra Living Space in Houston Texas

Have you ever been frustrated in your home, just because it lacks enough space? If only you had that extra bedroom or playroom for the kids. But then; a brilliant idea occurred to you! Turn the garage into that extra living space you are in desperate need of. Not an unheard of idea.

First Choice Painting Contractors would like to offer some advice on seeing your home improvement project through.

The Garage Door – Depending on the age of our home, it might be difficult to match up the original materials and colors used for your homes exterior. Replacing the garage door with a set of elegant French doors or the homey, country feel of sliding barnyard doors could help with the opening, while adding charm.

Driveway – If you no longer care for the use of your driveway, or even want to cut that space down, converting that area into a little flower garden and a walk way or something of that nature, could a be just enough flare to make the newly converted door look endearing and welcoming.

Blend Into Existing Structure – When converting the garage into a living space of your home, don’t get carried away. You still want that newly found space to blend into the rest the home. Try using similar colors and materials for floors and walls to mesh with the rest of your home.

Home Remodeling Consultation – Even if you are a do it yourself kind of person, it could be a wise move to consult with a professional from First Choice Painting. We can offer ideas and solutions to help get that garage into the perfect room of your choice.

Leveling the Garage Floor – Before you begin anything, you will want to level the garage floor. Garage floors usually step down from the home, and slope towards the driveway. Leveling the floor is a better starting point.

Insulation – Most garage spaces are not insulated. Once the floor has been leveled, you need to insulate the walls, if they are not done. It is prudent you set up any plumbing or electrical needs before closing up the wall. If you don’t have any electrical or plumbing experience, this job is better left to the professionals. They will ensure the job gets done adequately.

HVAC & Alternatives – Garage’s typically do not have HVAC systems running through them, however, it is possible in many homes to connect your HVAC system into the garage, again a professional may need to be hired for this task. Installing electric baseboards, space heaters, woodstoves, ceiling fans, or portable room air conditioners might need be installed in the event the HVAC system is incapable of connecting.

Windows – Depending on what you intend to use this room for, your style and choice of window installation needs to be considered. Opening it up to natural light is always a good choice, but keep in mind privacy if it is used for a bedroom.

First Choice Painting Contractors can do much of the work needed for converting your garage into a living space. Give us a call for a free consultation. We can begin work getting that garage into the perfect room in no time!

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