Kitchen Design Remodels in Houston TX – Before & After Paint, Countertops, Backsplashes, Cabinets etc.

The kitchen is typically where many moms spend time cooking and baking and even talking to family during a family dinner. You might be happy with what your kitchen looks like but you might also be ready to make a change. Most people are not actually ready to demolish the entire kitchen and start over. Part of the problem is that you have to be ready to not have a kitchen that is usable for several weeks while the work is being done.

First Choice Painting has a few changes to your kitchen that are not huge remodeling projects but can make a great impact!

Refinish Cabinets: The cabinets that are in your kitchen is a huge part of the kitchen and make a huge statement. Many people don’t realize that you don’t have to replace them to make a change. You can have the cabinets refinished and this means it will make a huge change. The cabinets can be sanded down primed and painted or stained to a color that is better for what you want to achieve. Take time to look at what you want in the end and what you want the refinished cabinets to look like. This is great way to change the look without actually having to purchase all new cabinets.

Backsplashes: A lot of homes do not offer a backsplash on most standard homes. This is an addition that is made later by the home owner unless you were building your home from scratch. A backsplash can be added to the entire perimeter of the kitchen space and make a huge change to the look. Backsplashes come in so many choices and options and even how they are installed are pretty endless. You can choose a glass tile or a ceramic tile. You can have it installed all the way up to the cabinet height or just a few inches. Whatever you choose to do this is a great way to make a big and fun change to your kitchen.

New Interior Paint: The last and probably the best way to make a change and to freshen up your kitchen is to add a new layer of paint. It can be done in a day and have you back in the kitchen very quickly. This is your moment to pick a fun and exciting color that will accent the look of the new cabinet color and backsplash. You can’t go wrong with a change in paint color!

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