Faux Painting Ideas for Walls, Ceilings & Furniture to Look Like Stone, Wood, Leather & Suede in Houston Texas

When it comes to the structural layout and colors in your home, it is usually what the homebuilder had planned and you have just gone with it. The walls are normally a bland and boring color scheme and most people would love to spice things up. Fortunately, there are some great techniques possible that can make a big statement. The most sought after is an accent wall. This is normally on a single wall where the color is more vibrant than the rest of the room. This can be a single red wall in a bedroom or a green wall in a kitchen. If this seems like a good idea, you ought to look into faux painting.

First Choice Painting Services has prepared this quick guide to all you need to know about faux paint.

What is Faux Paint?

Faux is a French word which means false. So when talking about a faux paint it is a false paint. This is because the way that the painting is done makes it seem like it is something else. The types of faux painting that are available are virtually endless. Faux painting is most often a paint technique to make the finish resemble other items such as granite, wood and other hard surfaces. Faux painting can be put on any kind of surfaces but most people will use it on a wall in place of an accent wall.

How to do Faux Painting

How is it done? When a painter applies a faux paint job to a wall, they use different tools to get the effect that they want. They use a paint brush for some strokes, rollers, sponges and rags for others. Using these tools and techniques they can make the paint mimic the surface they want. Usually a base color is set on the wall and a second and/or third color is used to accent the pattern or faux paint. The colors can be what you choose and can complement the rest of the houses color scheme.

Benefits of Professional Faux Painting in Houston TX

If you are looking for a way to stand out and spice up your home this is a great option. The faux painting can be a great way to add value to your home and is a great conversational piece. When you are ready to make a bold change and have a wall painted with a faux finish call First Choice Painting Services today.

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