Exterior Paint Color Schemes for Houston Commercial Businesses

When you go looking for a paint color scheme for your home, it is a fun process. You can pick something a little more fun and different and it is fine. When it comes to painting a commercial building however, you usually need a scheme of colors that are a more neutral and welcoming. There are several things you should think about when you are looking into colors for your commercial building.

First Choice Painting has prepared a check list of items that you should consider when choosing a commercial paint color scheme:

Commercial Building are Large: When you think about a commercial building next to most average homes; they are much larger. Commercial buildings often house one or more entire stores or offices and usually need more space to do that than a modest home. This means that a more neutral color may be what is best. There are still plenty of neutral colors to choose from but this is what will allow the structure to blend in better. This is a great idea as the building is not what catches potential customer’s eyes but your company name and logo. You can go with a more vibrant color for the trim or accent pieces to give it a cooler and more exciting look.

Architecture and Material: You should look at the kind of architecture and materials that are on the outside of the building. If you have a styled building that is from a specific era, it may call for a more dramatic color scheme. You can also look at the materials that were used on the exterior to help determine if a more vibrant color would be better. The material should also be considered as the type of paint that is used must be compatible for that specific type of material. If you paint on wood versus metal the kind of paint will differ greatly.

Surrounding Buildings Color Schemes: You do not want to be the one business that didn’t take into consideration the other buildings in the area when choosing your color scheme. You don’t have to copy or mimic the other buildings but you should in fact go with something that will blend with the surrounding buildings.

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If you follow these few considerations you should be happy with the outcome of your exterior commercial paint job. Contact First Choice Painting today for a free consultation!

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