Painting the Fifth Wall AKA Ceiling the Same or a Different Light or Dark Color in Houston TX to make the Room Seem Smaller or Larger!

When it comes to painting your home, you probably look at the walls and make decisions about what color to paint them. This is a fun process and it is a great way to be adventurous and add personality to the rooms in your home. But have you ever thought about the fifth wall? We are talking about the ceiling. The ceiling is part of the room and there is no reason that it has to stay white. It is another extension of the room and should be thought about when you are deciding on what to do with the paint in a particular room.

First Choice Painting Contractors has some reasons why painting the ceiling is such a great way to add even more pizazz to a room.

Painting Large Rooms: This is a great idea for a large room that may seem airy and not very intimate or cozy. A very large room can feel cold and may need some help to make it seem much cozier. The best way is to add a darker shade of paint to the ceiling. This will make the room seem a little less large and stale and even though it is still the same size it will seem more intimate than before. When the ceiling is left white it extends that height of the room to your eye. The warmer color on the ceiling will draw the eye down.

Consistent Color Scheme Adds Elegance: The great thing about going with a color that is in the same scheme as the walls in the room, it adds a level of elegance and cohesiveness to the room. Many people also will go with a trim color that is close to if not the same as the wall to have the lines of the room stay less broken up and an improved flow.

Painting Small Rooms: Just like in the case that a room or space is too large, you may have the opposite problem and feel that a space needs more light or you want it to feel larger. You can use a light color like a yellow or cream to open up the space and make it seem brighter and even more inviting. This is a great idea in an entry way or a room that seems small or doesn’t have too much natural light.

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If you are ready to paint your fifth wall with a color that can add some warmth or the illusion of space and light give us a call today!

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