How to Decorate for the Holidays Without Damaging your Drywall & Needing to Re-Paint in Houston TX

This is the time of year that many people will pull out there holiday decorations. It help people get into the mood of the holidays and brings in the excitement. Lots of the items that are being used to decorate will need to be hung up on a wall. If you are using nails to hang all the items you will find at the end of the year that you have small areas that need to be patched and touched up with paint. This is not the way that most people want to start off a new year so what can you do to be sure that you are not damaging the paint on your interior walls?

First Choice Painting Contractors has some great tips for ways you can hang your decorations and not damage the paint.

Use Adhesive Hooks on your Walls to Protect Paint – The first way to get your fun and festive decorations up is to use adhesive hooks. These can be found at many stores and they come with a hook and an adhesive strip that are used in combination with each other. You remove the backing on the strip and attach it to the appropriate hook, then remove the wall side backing and place it on your wall. It can work in painted surfaces as well as wall papered walls too. The hooks come in lots of shapes and colors and can hold all sorts of items. It is a great way to add some garland, stockings or anything else that might require a hook top hang.

Decorative Tape Does Not Cause Drywall or Paint Damage – The second way to get your items hung is to use decorative tape. This is a great way to display papers that your kids have colored or painted and want to have up for all to see. It is also a great way to show off the Christmas cards that you are sure to collect throughout the month. You can add a piece of decorating tape and attach it straight to the wall. This tape has been manufactured to use on painted surfaces and not cause any damage. The tape can then be taken off and thrown out when you are done and the paint will be just as it was when you started.

Over the Door Hooks Protect Doors – The third way to hang your decorations and not cause any damage to the paint is to use a over the door hook. The hook is attached to a piece of plastic or metal that hangs over the top of the door frame and ends with a hook that you can then place a wreath or any other hang-able decoration. They do not use any type of tape or adhesive so they won’t cause any damage to the paint itself.

Hang a Clothesline to Avoid Damage to Walls – The fourth and last way that we recommend you to hang up your holiday decorating is to use a clothesline that you can attach and run through a room or along a wall and as the kids make their holiday projects they can come home and hang them right up. You can also hang Christmas Cards or other papers that have festive quotes or sayings on them.

After you have taken all your decorating down and you notice drywall damage or paint that needs to be touched up, give us a call today in Houston Texas!

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